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FiLife Help Center: Home Foreclosure Assistance
Wednesday Mar 11, 2009
Defaulting on a loan or going through foreclosure is a scary prospect for anyone. These days, it’s a fairly common occurrence. While the government’s plans to halt foreclosures and offer aid are rolling out, we've put together a guide for working through foreclosure and related issues.

Q&A: Foreclosure-Prevention Plan
Wednesday Mar 4, 2009
James R. Hagerty has compiled a comprehensive list of questions and answer about Obama's new foreclosure-prevention plan.

When 'Rescue' Means Eviction
Thursday Feb 26, 2009
Many distressed homeowners are engaging in sale-leaseback agreements in order to avoid foreclosure. Experts warn that they could still find themselves without a home, and possibly lose their savings as well.

What renters need to know if their landlord faces foreclosure
Wednesday Feb 25, 2009
Renters should be aware of their rights and the laws in their state surrounding foreclosure and eviction notices if their landlord defaults on the mortgage.

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