A potentially canonical list of real estate weblogs...
A potentially canonical list of real estate weblogs...

By Greg Swann

Adam and Sharon’s Active Rain Blog
Agent CEO
Altos Research Real Estate Insights
America’s Most Opinionated Mortgage Broker
Appraisal Scoop
Ardell’s Seattle Area Real Estate Blog
Arizona Real Estate Notebook
Atlanta 575 Real Estate
Austin Real Estate Blog
Bankrate.com’s Mortgage Matters
Bawldguy Talking
Benjamin Bach & Associates
BlogArizona.com - An Arizona Real Estate Blog
BlueRoof Blog
Boise Real Estate Blog
Boulder Colorado Real Estate Research Blog
Broker Bryant Real Estate Ramblings
Broker Bryant’s Real Estate Rumblings
BusinessWeek Online - Hot Property
Carnival of Real Estate
Carole’s Cleveland Blog
Center for REALTOR® Technology Web Log
Central Valley Real Estate
Charleston real estate blog
Chattanooga Real Estate Blog
Christian Real Estate Blog
City Life real estate blog
Columbus Real Estate Voice
Competition Analysis and Discussion
Condo Contessa
Cook Squared Real Estate Enterprises
D.C Real Estate Guide
Damion’s Real Estate Ramblings
Denver and the ‘Burbs
Denver real estate and relocation
Discover Columbus
Eastern CT Real Estate Blog
Edmonton Real Estate Blog
El Dorado and Amador County Real Estate
Equity Scout
Famous Agents
Free The Drones
Future of Real Estate Technology
Hamptons Real Estate Blog
Hamptons Real Estate Blog
Harper Team - San Ramon
Have you been to China?
Home Staging, Rants & Ravings
Home, Inc.
Hot Issues in Real Esate
I am Not Facing Foreclosure
Incredible Agent
India Real Estate Blog
Inman Blog
Jonathan Dalton’s Arizona Homes Blog
Laguna Niguel Orange County Real Estate
Larry’s take on the Cocoa Beach real estate market
Lending Clarity
Maury Properties
Mike’s Corner - Web 2.0 For Real Estate Pros
MiOakland County Blog
Mississauga Real Estate Blog
MOCO Real Estate News
Mortgage Blog - Industry insights from lenderama
Neighboroo Blog
Newcastle Square Realty Blog
Northern Virginia Real Estate Guide
NY Houses 4 Sale
PAX Bay Area
Personal Insights on Web 2.0, Blogging, and Business
Phoenix Arizona Real Estate Blog
Phoenix City Living
Phoenix Real Estate Blog
Pittsburgh Homes Daily
Plano Blog
Radical Title Talk
RE Trade
Real Central VA
Real Estate Blog Lab
Real Estate Business Guide
Real Estate Intelligence
Real Estate Investing For Real Blog - BiggerPockets.com
Real Estate Marketing Blog
Real Estate Marketing Ideas
Real Estate Ramblings in New Hampshire and Maine
Real Estate Snippets
Real estate blogs for busy real estate agents
Real Sage Advice
Realty Blogging
Realty Thoughts
Redfin Blog
Relocation A to Z
Richmond Business & Commercial News
re:PDX - Portland Oregon Real Estate
real estate 2.0
Sacramento Real Estate Blog
Sadie’s Take on Delaware Ohio
Salt Lake Real Estate Blog
Saskatoon Real Estate Resource Centre Blog
Searchlight Crusade
Seattle Real Estate Professionals
Seattle’s Rain City Real Estate Guide
SeekingAlpha US Market Stocks
SF Home Blog
Singing in the Rain
Smart use of Internet in Real Estate (Magnus Svantegård)
Soundbite Blog
Southern MS Real Estate
St. Paul Real Estate
Tech’s Real Estate
Technology for Real Estate
The Adirondack real estate blog
The Dog That Bit Me
The Equity Ladies
The Future of Real Estate Marketing
The Future of Real Estate Technology
The Gatos Real Estate Blog
The Mortgage Fraud Blog
The Mortgage Insider Blog
The Mortgage Reports Blog
The Phoenix Real Estate Guy
The Property Monger
The Real Estate Bloggers
The Real Estate Guide
The Real Estate Tomato
The Real Estate Zebra
The San Diego Home Blog
The Walk-Through
The XBroker
TheREALTYgram Blogger
Three Oceans Real Estate
Title Rep
Tony’s Phoenix Arizona Real Estate Blog
Transparent RE.com
True Gotham
Trulia Blog
Truth in Lending Services
Tucson Real Estate in the News
Ubertor Real Estate Blog
Urban Digs
Urban Trekker Blog
West Suburban - Naperville, Illinois Real Estate
Yo Chicago
Zillow Blog

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