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Real Estate Newsgroups



other lists include:

1031propertiescom For anyone who is interested in net leased and 1031 Exchange replacement

AAARainmakers Focus is Mortgage/RealEstate/Internet dealmaking and marketing of all forms of commercial and residential real estate and mortgage finance. Emphasis on multifamily residential and difficult-to-finance properties.

Aardvarks_Commercial Tips and tricks on marketing multifamily, mixed use, lots, acreage, industrial, Office building and shopping centers, subdivisions, lining up builders, investors, REITs. Protecting commissions.

Appraisaltechnology Forum to help appraisers keep up with the latest in technology advancements and innovations.

Appraisers For real estate appraisers or users of appraisals who want a forum to discuss appraisal related issues and ideas.

AssetManagerDaily Discussion and networking list for asset managers who manage assets for institutional investors, trust departments, insurance companies, pension funds, foundations, and individuals.

Buyer-realestate Buyers of Commercial Real Estate Investment, Development or Industrial Property are encouraged to post buying parameters.

Commercialfunding For mortgage brokers, principals, business and real estate owners investment and financial consultants, for anyone seeking to be involved in commercial financing.

Commercial_Loans For people interested in commercial real estate financing and finding creative alternative funding sources.

Commercialmortgage For real estate developers, investors, mortgage brokers and real estate brokers who are either actively seeking financing or looking to finance commercial income producing properties.

Commercialmortgages For people seeking or having commercial real estate mortgage financing, or seeking or investing in joint ventures related to commercial real estate development financing.

Comrevalxchange Aimed at the exchange of commercial real estate data, sales, theory and methods between appraisers, brokers, academicians and

Creative-re All about buying, selling, or flipping real estate with low or no money down. Carlton Sheets, Ron Legrand, Wade Cook and other techniques will be

Hardmoney To share sources and needs for hard money real estate loans for residential and commercial properties throughout the U.S.

LeaseAdvisors Landlords and tenants may be vulnerable because of lease language. What are the most controversial clauses and issues? Because of ambiguities, disputes arise between landlords and tenants, specifically related to operating expenses, CAM and real estate taxes.

Macre A forum open to commercial real estate agents and commercial real estate appraisers active in the states of PA, NJ, OH, NY, VA, DE and MD.

Realestate General discussion list for residential and commercial real estate brokers, agents, investors, and others.

Realestatebuysell List for those wishing to invest in or offer for sale/merger/joint venture commercial real estate and real estate packages priced over $10 million.

Realestateinvest Dedicated to the exchange of information and property listings to commercial real estate brokers, managers, investors, agents, owners, financial and other people involved or interested in commercial real estate.

RealEstateInvestorDaily For buyers, sellers, investors and brokers. Posting of properties for sale, wanted, leasing, joint ventures, and other property situations, with a primary focus on commercial and investment real estate properties.

RealEstateLaw An international real estate law discussion group for real estate attorneys, the legal and academic community, and real estate professionals. An open list to which anyone can post, or reply to a post without joining the list, bulletin-board style.Go to to view all he posts and/or subscribe to the email version.

Recombroker Dedicated to the sale and purchase of commercial real estate properties world wide. Investors, principals and brokers are invited to post listings or interest to purchase or Lease properties.

Refinancing Commercial real estate financing forum for investors, brokers, owners and others.

Moderated Forums (Posting allowed, but posts are read and approved by a moderator.)1031market For investors, developers and brokers wanting to list commercial (usually NNN single tenant) properties suitable as replacement (downleg) properties for 1031 exchanges or requests for property needed to complete 1031 exchanges and information relative to financing these types of properties.

AppraisersOnTheWeb A forum to discuss individual appraiser experiences and to address questions regarding the Internet and how it can be utilized to maximize profits for appraisers.

CreditLease Dedicated to the sale, leasing, exchange and financing of single tenant, net leased retail, office and industrial properties. Restricted

ReXn Real estate exchangers' networking and relocation services exchange HAVE listings, WANT listings. For general real estate exchange. and At you can sign up for any of 10 email forums. Posts can be read online at before you join. Details also are on Page 2 of this issue.

Newsletters, E-zines

(No posting. Messages from the list owner only.)

Ameriquotes Newsletter: Dispatches containing statistics on commercial transactions, a quote of the day, and news about the site itself. Go to and scroll to the bottom, where you can register to receive the newsletter. Newsblast: A daily summary of commercial real estate news, mostly about real deals, rather than Internet-related companies. Includes clickable links to the full stories on the Web site. Go to; the registration link is located on the lower left.

Grid Alert: Periodic emails with news items and clickable link to the full text online. Go to, where you'll be asked to fill out a relatively long form to subscribe to Grid's email alert news service.

IREIzine A weekly e-zine from Institutional Real Estate Inc., which also prints publications including The Institutional Real Estate Letter, Investment Property, REITStreet, Institutional Real Estate Newsline and European Real Estate Quarterly. Go to and click the link near the bottom.

Realcomm Advisory: A weekly newsletter discussing key Commercial Real Estate technology issues and strategies. Go to, a site specific to the Realcomm 2001 trade show in Dallas on June 14 and 15.

Realhound News: A monthly assortment of Internet sites, tips on products and services and Realhound software information. Go to and click on Realhound News on the left side of the page.

Recyber Mail List: This one's a bit different. Anyone can join the list to receive mail from members of the Real Estate Cyberspace Society, but you have to be a paid member to send to the list. Go to and click on ?Member Direct Mail List? in the middle of the page.

Reiscast A weekly news bulletin and access to more of the site's free content. Go to and look for the ?Register Now!? link on the left side of the page. Or go to to get directly to the registration form.

REITweek A weekly e-zine from Institutional Real Estate Inc., which also prints publications including The Institutional Real Estate Letter, Investment Property, REITStreet, Institutional Real Estate Newsline and European Real Estate Quarterly. Go to; the link is near the bottom.

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